Angels & Butterflies

This podcast was created because for years as a therapist, I was able to give advice to clients that was exactly what they needed to hear. I understood that there were messages about the person I had just met that only made sense to them. I realized I was channeling information that would help them have a shift in what they were experiencing to help them have progress.  This had been going on for years and as I began to change my business model from therapist to Transitions Coach, I started to see less clients. 

The information has still been coming but now it’s to raise the collective consciousness and share the message with the world. I had asked for help to take my message to a global level and have been blessed with the opportunity to do just that.  

I hope you enjoy the messages and if there is one that doesn’t apply to you, it’s your responsibility to share it with someone that would benefit. I’m so happy to be here to answer any questions and to guide you through your experiences. 

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