You are moving through life and on paper, everything is perfect: the job, the marriage and kids, the designer clothes, the college degree (or degrees!) hanging in your office. 

And yet… every day, you wake up feeling that something is missing. 

If you are ready to tap into transformative practices to take back your life, you’re in the right place.



Hi, I’m Aileen Castellano, but you can just call me AileenC.

I create and teach transformative practices for women and men who desire to change their life. 

You could say my whole life has been leading up to this sincere offering. 

I am a Wealthness Coach, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Ascension Mentor, Speaker, and Self Development Author, with over 17 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Mediator, helping clients with life changing transitions. Founder of Famwell Healing, creator of the Sacred Surrender Program and developed the Wealthness Guide. I teach people all over the world the practice of Meditation with Intention incorporating crystal healing modalities. My vast knowledge of therapeutic practices, karmic healing, past life regressions and energy healing techniques, sets me apart in the coaching field. My life’s work and passion has helped me step into purpose to blend practices, beliefs and mantras that result in life changing experiences and empowering modalities to make a strong and meaningful impact on clients. I am the author of soon to be released books, “Heal Your Past - 33 Daily Affirmations to Heal Your Soul“, “All About You - 5 Steps to Master Self-Love” and “A Sacred Surrender - Transition to Ascension”. These projects inspired me to host an online radio show on, "It's Absolutely All About You". I have a couple podcasts: Lightworkers Series:Be The Light and Wealthness: Journey to Limitless Potential. I have my own YouTube channel. I am a sought out thought leader, speaker and influencer, helping to empower women who have been a victim of abuse. My passion to inspire has afforded me the opportunity to live out a dreams fulfilled life.


Interested in working together?